“Counseling” or “Psychotherapy” is the term used for a professional, collaborative relationship between a person and a Psychologist/ Psychotherapist, that is maintained with specific goals in mind & is time bound. It enables you to talk openly and freely in a non-judgmental and objective environment. It aims at helping you objectively identify your issues, and change the thoughts, behaviour, emotions and beliefs that thwart problem resolution. We at Life Surfers believe, that Psychotherapy is about training you and equipping you with skills to manage your life better.

Therapy involves one-to-one sessions between client and therapist, but some are conducted with groups, including families. All Psychotherapy is confidential and by highly trained & efficient therapists. Psychotherapy can help you in learning new skills for personal development, minimizing distress and managing a disorder.

We at Life Surfers believe, that Psychotherapy is about training you and equipping you with skills to manage your life better.

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How Do I Know I Need Psychotherapy?

  • If, you are constantly tired, demotivated and lack concentration at tasks and have diminished interest in things that you once enjoyed.
  • If, your problems do not seem to get better, despite your continued efforts, and valued help from friends and family
  • If, you think you have self-esteem or confidence issues and are extremely judgmental of yourself, thereby having trouble in relationships, socializing & problems at work or in personal life.
  • If, you are finding it difficult to move on after a break up or divorce.
  • If, you have excessive worry or anxiety about future.
  • If you constantly delay making decisions, often become angry and see these causing problems in your life.
  • If, you find it difficult to balance work and personal life.
  • If, you have been diagnosed with an Ailment and are emotionally upset, thereby finding it difficult to manage your health.
  • If, you have been diagnosed with a Mental Disorder.

*Seeking Psychotherapeutic help for the first time, may seem overwhelming. It is understandable, because trying new things make us nervous.
We suggest, try it out and see, if you can make therapy work for you

Types of Psychotherapy offered

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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is one on one counselling between an individual and the therapist. There may be multiple issues that one can need help with. For example; relationship issues, anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, procrastination, and other emotional and behavioural concerns or problems at work place.

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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy, is when two people in a partnership by marriage and/or other than marriage, choose to resolve multiple issues in the relationship, with a therapist. We work with partners in marriage, outside of marriage, pre-marital issues and second marriages. We offer assistance with an aim to develop better understanding & have an enhanced and happier partnership among couples. A common myth about couples or marital therapy is that one needs to have a problem in the relationship to seek help. Well, not really. Two people bring their set of values and expectations in a relationship. With the help of counselling, they can get skilled in handling each other and themselves better, to enhance the relationship quality.

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Family Therapy

In India, a family forms the backbone of all our emotional needs as a child and adult. We offer support to family units for emotional & behaviour resolutions and maintaining general well-being.

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Group Therapy

We offer counselling to a cohesive group with common issues. For example; A group of 19 yr. old college freshers can collectively need help to balance their new lives. A group of people who have Depression can gather together to deal with their everyday life struggles. With a trained therapist moderating the group and giving direction to the group to get out of their dysfunctions or to handle the problems productively.

Online Counseling

A dearth of good and trained therapists has made us initiate the Online Counselling Program. Distance is longer a hurdle for you to find assistance to bring about personal change and overcome blocks to achieve your goals.

Researchers have proven that Counselling over Online mediums like video chat and telephone is as effective as Face to face counselling. What matters is the efficiency of the therapist and how well the client makes therapy work for them. These two factors remain constant irrespective of the medium of therapy.

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