The Name

As a sea surfer rides and surfs through the high and low waves of the sea, we surf through the highs and lows of life. Just as a sea surfer has a surfing board, we too have the surfing board called LIFE SKILLS to help us navigate our lives. Life Surfers equip and train you in the appropriate emotional and behavioral health associated Life Skills.

We wish to shift focus from, only Mental Illness to emotional and behavioral skill development when we speak of mental health. Our aim is to open dialogues about learning these skills, as part of mental health and mental hygiene, in maintaining a good quality of life.

About Us

Mission & Vision

  • To deliver effective counseling & training services.
  • To work on preventive mental health care by teaching life skills to improve the general quality of life in people.
  • To Educate and Train efficient Psychologists
  • To spread awareness of mental hygiene and health & minimize the taboo.

What We Offer

Life Surfers counseling


“Counselling” or “Psychotherapy” is the term used for a professional, collaborative relationship between a person and a Psychologist/ Psychotherapist, that is maintained with specific goals in mind & is time bound. It enables you to talk openly and freely in…

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Life Surfers Employee Assistance Program

Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing

Urban life raises concerns among people related with marriage, finances, child rearing, relationships and personal challenges at work. Depression, anxiety, suicides, and other emotional & behavioural problems, influence work performance…

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Life Surfers Therapy Skills Training

Therapy Skills Training

India is the world’s most depressed nation. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), India’s depression levels are as high as 36 per cent and shockingly this number is the highest in the world. What makes this even more alarming is the fact that WHO projects …

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The Mind Life Project

Through The Mind Life Project, we endeavour to promote and build mental health awareness in India, lower the stigma related to Mental Health and have open dialogues about Mental Health issues, thus enabling early recognition of problems…

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